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Stone Harbor, NJ: Bird Sanctuary: Jersey Shore Nature and Wildlife

Stone Harbor is a small fishing village on the Jersey Shore, and Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary is one of its most popular attractions. Many people come to Stone Harbor for vacation or visit family during the summer months, but many more make Stone Harbor their year-round home after they retire. In addition, stone Harbor has several other points of interest; some are natural while others are manufactured, but all contribute to what makes Stone Harbor an unforgettable destination. Information can be found here.

Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary located in Stone Harbor, NJ. The refuge is open to the public from sunrise to sunset and features a variety of plants and animals, including birds. In addition, visitors can enjoy walking through the nature trails and observing the different wildlife. Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary is an excellent place for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts alike. See here for information about Stone Harbor, NJ: Island Water Sports - Sea Recreation for the Active Spirit.

Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary was established in 1984 due to concerns about the declining populations of migratory birds. The sanctuary occupies approximately 12 acres of land near Stone Harbor Point on the Delaware Bay. It consists of three nature trails, an observation deck, and several educational exhibits.

Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary has been designated an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society’s New Jersey Coastal Chapter. The sanctuary is home to various birds, including warblers, orioles, sparrows, hawks, and terns. In addition, stone Harbor is a nesting site for the endangered piping plover; it also provides habitat to other rare species such as roseate spoonbills, prothonotary warblers, and least bitterns.

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