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10% Off Entire Month of June!

Pride Month 🌈 💰

In celebration of pride month, we’re offering 10% OFF 💴 any service or installation for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE. Contact us today!


Majewski Pluming Gay Pride Month Discount
Pride Month - Plumbing Discounts!

No coupons. Can't be combined with other deals or offers. Excludes pre-existing transactions and contracts. 

Just save money by booking an appointment with us today!

Or call us for a consultation or for questions - (1) 609-374-6001


Wondering How To Use Your Savings?

Upgrade Your Water Heater and SAVE on Taxes Each Year!

Need a new water heater? Or want to update to something the entire family can use after the beach without running out of hot water?

Look no further - and no more scolding that one crazy uncle who uses all of the hot water!

Ask us about our Navien, Tankless Water Heaters - a never ending supply of hot water! 

Cheap, saves money, and only heats water when you need it to - making it energy efficient.

It'll cost you less money to maintain, run, and allows annual rebates on taxes and with your water company.


Get A Smart Home Leak Prevention System

What is Leaksmart?

Our team will install,  calibrate,  and personally train you on how to use,  operate,  and maintain your  LeakSmart valve system and app - while integrating it directly into your smart home hub or smart phone, set up just the way you like it.

Partnered with our WINK software - works with any plumbing system, AND Smart Home System - including Alexa!

As a certified retailer and service provider, we offer installations and prices on LeakSmart that you can't get online.

Contact us today to find out more - no question is a dumb question, and we're happy to help!


**** 10% Offer ends June 30th.

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